Washington-My home-I live in Bellingham so you will see the majority of my photos here!  I love exploring all the beauty around me!Oregon-From the Oregon coast to all the inland beauty!California - Sunsets!  The ocean!  So much to see!Idaho - My original home.  Growing up in this state was where my desire to explore was born.Montana - Glacier National Park and Kootenai Falls First time visits.Utah - Bryce Canyon - one of God's most amazing creations!Alaska - Another home of mine.  So much more beauty to explore!Nevada - Hoover Dam, Vegas, Air Force Jets, Lake Mead.  So much more to see!ArkansasOklahomaBahamasFloridaHawaii - The Big IslandMaui - Our favorite get-away!  I so love the sunsets and waves!St. John Virgin Island - There's nothing like Caribbean sunsets and water!VirginiaWashington DC - Love our nations Capital!Arizona-Lake Havasu.  I can't wait to visit Arizona again and see more!Seasons - every season brings change and opportunity for new adventures!City Scapes - Seattle - Always loved being a tourist there.South Dakota - Badlands and Buffalo!  My first trip here was an experience!Minnesota - Great memories of sunsets , a farmers fields, beautiful campground and capturing the Milky Way!Illinois - Bridges of Madison County, Illinois RiverIndiana - Covered bridges, farm country and corn fieldsWyoming - Yellowstone, grizzlies, bison, geysers, wild horses, red rock and aerial fire fighting museum. So much to see!