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Bellingham, WA. Our home for the past 31 years, holds so much beauty!
Sunset at Zuanich Marina Nov 2020-1551-1551Sunset at Zuanich Marina Nov 2020-1549-2Sunset at Zuanich Marina Nov 2020-1544-2Tree Reflecton at Derby Pond June 2020-4969Whatcom Falls Park June 2020-4953Whatcom Falls Park June 2020-4942Sunrise at Zuanich Park April 2020-2470Sunrise at Zuanich Park April 2020-2463Sunrise at Zuanich Park April 2020-2448Bellingham from the Bay April 2020-2074Boulevard Park April 2020-2006Boulevard Park April 2020-1991Boulevard Park April 2020-1987Boulevard Park April 2020-1981Boulevard Park April 2020-1969Boulevard Park April 2020-1968Boulevard Park April 2020-1954Bellingham Waterfront at Bellwether Feb 29 2020-0673Bellingham Waterfront at Bellwether Feb 29 2020-0671Bellingham Waterfront at Bellwether Feb 29 2020-0668